Privacy Policy


  • Clients’ personal and contact information is never shared with any other company under any circumstance.
  • Clients’ personal and contact information is only released to law enforcement officials when a court order is issued.


  • No data from a clients’ service will be recorded, saved, or achived without the clients’ knowledge and consent.
  • All data related to a service ( Including Backups ) is destroyed when a cancellation request or termination is processed.


  • Accounts go go into Closed Status after 12 months of Inactive clients. Eg: No active orders.
  • Any existing Account Credit is permanently removed from an account when it enters Closed Status.
  • Closed Status accounts will not receive any emails.
  • Closed Status accounts may be reverted back to Inactive Status by sending a request to sales or billing from the email address associated with the account.
  • Closed Status accounts are permanently deleted, and all associated data removed, after 6 months in Closed Status.